The Strategy that will Bring Your Company a Staggering Amount of Qualified Prospect Leads

You can see a simplified graphical representation of the strategy here.

There is no other system or technique out there with a stronger documented ROI in qualified trade show leads. What I do will increase (on average) your qualified trade show leads 2 to 10 times. (Not 2% to 10%, but 200% to 1000% or more. That’s what my clients tell me, and you can call every one! And these are good quality, qualified prospect leads.) Still scratching your head at how this is possible? Read on.

There is a subtle sickness in the trade show industry. I call it the ‘If We Build It They Will Come’ disease. Many companies get some great graphics, put up a booth, then bring their staff. When the show opens, the staff, in unison ‘assume the position’, and stand there with their hands over their privates as if they are ‘waiting for the bus’ to magically whisk them leads. And YES, that magical aisle somehow brings them great leads. The error is in thinking they are getting most, if not close to ALL the good qualified leads that are available for them at that trade show. They believe that ‘if they build it’ and stand there, all the good quality leads will ‘come to them’.

I am teaching my clients that there are more good quality leads at a trade show than you can imagine. Even if you are big name like some of my clients (Hewlett-Packard, Olympus, Epson, Fujitsu) you still can get many times the leads you are presently accumulating. Take a look at the Rave Reviews page and the Case Studies page for a few of the hundreds of documented successes.

So here is the strategy that, again and again, is doubling or more every client’s qualified leads at trade shows. There are 5 steps. In general these steps involve my direct participation before and at your trade show. There may be parts of this process you can duplicate without my services. Feel free to call for advice on doing so. I’m happy to serve. Here they are:

STEP 1 – PREPARATION – I Learn everything I can about

Then I

Doubling or more your qualified prospect leads begins with preparation, and lots of it. I have been known to spend more time learning the products and services of my clients and preparing for their shows than I actually spend at the entire show representing my client, and this is always included for free.

STEP 2 – TRAINING Your Staff

The strategy for the last 10 seconds of a basketball game has been fine tuned to get every possible point out of those precious ten seconds. So it is with our trade show strategy and qualified leads. I will fine tune your staff to get every possible lead out of every precious ten seconds of the entire trade show. It will be amazing what they will be able to accomplish after our training. (This can be done at your facility or sales meeting, the day before the show—3 to 5 hours recommended—or even the morning before the show—less time.)

After my training, your staff will be clear on:
           1) Everything they can do in every moment that will maximize qualified prospect leads (and I mean EVERYTHING).
               They will have practiced these things until they go into ‘muscle memory’. A very brief overview is:
                             a. Be clear on the goals and objectives of your company
                                             i. We actually have them write down what they think your goals are, as well as the branding on each
                                                   product or service. It is amazing how varied and different their perception of your goals and
                                                   branding can be. Bringing each staff member into alignment is a critical step!
                             b. See the wealth of potential qualified prospect leads they can tap into.
                                             i. I will teach you (and them) to see that there are many times more qualified leads you are missing,
                                                   than the leads you are actually getting, and I will teach them how to find and glean each and every
                             c. Attain and keep a burning desire to maximize the individual difference they can each make for your company
                                  (in terms of qualified prospect leads).

                             d. Know how to nicely and kindly stop someone in the aisle, AND DO IT CONSTANTLY ALL DAY LONG,
                                  (This is MUCH easier said than done. We practice this and the other steps over and over and over again
                                   until it becomes second nature to them.)

                                             i. Knowing how to overcome fear and see the moment to moment ways they will talk themselves
                                                   out of talking to people is a critical element and we practice this so they can see the ways they
                                                   will talk themselves out of talking to people.
                             e. Qualify each potential prospect in 1 to 2 sentences (and this must seem like natural conversation!)
                                   Also, don’t just know IF they are qualified, but HOW qualified they are. Spend time accordingly, but
                                   still sparingly. This is not the place to close business, but is the place to gather leads abundantly
                                   and plant the relationship seeds that will later grow into dollars.

                              f. Know how to brand your product or service in three key ways.
                                             i. One is to have a single sentence about your product or service that can actually be FELT by your
                                                   target markets, emotionally, such that you say it, and they jerk their head back and go ‘Whoah!’
                                                   Example from an actual trade show: “This Bluetooth headset will cancel out a jackhammer.”
                                                   (Did you feel that—Read it again, if you didn’t. That is SO different from “This headset is ‘extreme
                                                   noise canceling’ which is the sentence the client was going to use. Feel free to call me to learn
                                                   what headset this is! It’s amazing!)
                                             ii. Two is ‘No Stinky Rag’, a powerful technique I teach major sales forces that they can use instantly.
                                                   (Ask about it! It will change your life!)
                                             iii. Three is how to read individual tells from the prospect that reveal his/her motivational forces, and
                                                   then modify your presentation accordingly.
                             g. Consciously connect with each qualified attendee, heart to heart, as you begin to build the critical
                                   relationship that may turn into sales and begin to build possible lifelong friendships and relationships
                                   with each potential prospect.

                             h. Teach your staff the 7 steps to effective trade show contacting (ask about this!), and practice this
                                   until they naturally flow through each step.

                              i. Teach your team the 4x4 Matrix of trade show success.
                                             i. 4 Things to do BEFORE the show that will help you to have the largest impact AT the show.
                                                   (I teach you these ahead of time.)
                                             ii. 4 Things to do AT the trade show (rarely done!) that will have the most impact AFTER the show.
                                             iii. 4 Things to do AFTER the show to raise the success rate of closing the sale. (Notice how each
                                                   of these steps prepares for the next phase. Most companies just deal with the phase at hand.)
                                             iv. A 4 part technique used AT the show that will become a complete EXTRA qualified lead generating
                                                   system, even over all your other efforts!
                              j. And much more!

Trade shows are all about face to face interaction. I train your staff to maximize that in every possible way such that, at the end of the show, you have a staggering amount of qualified leads, where each lead has had a personal touch with a staff member and some critical follow up techniques have already been begun.

Even with your staff working their hearts out all day long for three days (or however long the trade show), I have the ability to take it to the next level. This process begins with stopping LARGE crowds of attendees in front of your booth. (EVEN IF YOUR TARGET MARKET IS ONLY A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THOSE ATTENDING YOUR TRADE SHOW, AND YOU SEE NO USE FOR A CROWD OF PEOPLE STANDING IN FRONT OF YOUR BOOTH LEARNING ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT, KEEP READING!)

Besides being a trade show industry speaker, trainer, consultant, and analyst, I also happen to be a professional magician, and a very good one. I use some of the worlds best magic, including levitations, straitjacket escapes, professional pickpocketing, (as well as comedy and the warmth of my personality) and even illusions (yes, even in a 10x10), to gather people to your booth in record numbers so I can then deliver your corporate pitch to them. I can gather the largest crowds you have ever seen using a minimum of three square feet of your booth space.

Take a look at the Case Studies page and see the size of crowds I am capable of bringing to your booth. No one in the trade show industry (magician or otherwise) can show you picture after picture of crowds this size (and notice how attendees are hanging on every word I’m saying.)

The next two steps seal the deal and will get you more qualified leads than you can imagine.

Your target market has come from all over the world. They are walking past you in the aisle, but many of them are focused on other things (and most don’t know you may have something they may need!) Your staff can stop them one by one, but I can stop them 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 200, or more, at a time (REALLY). I then use possibly my greatest talent to brand your service or product to them—my abilities as a corporate spokesperson, presenter, and pitchman.

I have been a spokesperson for more companies at trade shows and product launches than possibly any other person on the planet. My abilities as an entertainer are dwarfed in importance to what I can do at this point. Ask any of my clients. By the time I am done, everyone in that audience will be clear on who you are and what you can do for them.

STEP 5 – THE HARVEST – The bases are loaded, time to hit a home run!
So let’s recap… You are at the trade show with a highly trained and polished staff, who are working their hearts out all day long proactively meeting, qualifying, and gathering qualified leads. I now have a large crowd of potential customers standing in the aisle, AND THEY NOW KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM! There’s only one thing to do. Hit it out of the park.

As a subtle part of my presentation I will actually have your target markets raise their hands in answer to qualifying questions that will actually show your staff who in the audience is your target markets as well as who is more qualified. It is a natural flow of the presentation. You must see it to believe it.

So these are people who, for the most part, would have walked on by your booth anyway. They have now just had a fun and entertaining time learning about who you are and what you do, and now you know who they are! You sales staff has been trained to watch for the key moment that your target markets will unknowingly ‘show themselves’. You go speak with the highest quality prospect leads you have ever spoken to at a show as soon as my show is over. The rest of the crowd moves on to other trade show pastures, but you have pulled the best leads out of the crowd, and they are left talking to you in your booth!

Ask my clients (I have given you tons of phone numbers on the Rave Reviews page—or call for more!) This truly works. It will most likely increase your leads 2 to 10 TIMES over what you got last year, even during this economy.

Call me so we can begin speaking and you can feel comfortable with what I have to offer. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with you shows. The business IS there and I can bring it to you.

David Ren Jenkins    (801) 76-MAGIC

Call now.

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