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  •                  Client Weir Specialty Pumps gets 35 times (no joke) the qualified leads at WEFTEC.
  •                  Client Cooper Bearings gets 800% the qualified leads at PowerGen.
  •                  Client NMR Events reports 200% the qualified leads at EXHIBITOR show, using David's services.  That is the lowest ROI David has gotten a client in the last 4 1/2 years.
  •                  Client Customer Velocity gets 563% more qualified leads with David's presence at the International Builders Show over the previous year.
  •                  Client Weir Specialty Pumps documents (in an 8 month period) over $1,000,000 in additional sales due to David's Lead Harvest technique off of a single trade show..


By David Ren Jenkins, professional magician and product pitchman, leading trade show industry speaker, trainer, and lead- generator.

Greatly Increasing Qualified Leads (801) 822-0000.

Greatly increasing qualified leads is as simple as giving David a call. No one else in the trade show industry can show you such strong testimonial videos with such large and quantifiable increases in qualified leads. David also has something they don' numbers to call listed ON the website. Based on surveys, his clients get an average of 390.25% the good quality qualified leads at shows where they use David versus when they don't.

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David is a 20+ year trade show veteran. He is a magician, pitchman/presenter, and infotainer. He recently tied for third in the world at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Global Championships, in June 2011. He is also a speaker and trainer, a past Franklin Covey Speakers Bureau speaker, the creator of the '4x4 Trade Show Success Matrix' and 'The 7 Keys to Successful Trade Show Prospecting.'

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